Sri Babuji 2nd Aradhana is on20 November 2012

Our Pujya Gurudeva, Sri Sainathuni Sarath Babuji, is the one who moulded our lives, showered his grace so abundantly on us and continues to give us solace and take care of our agonies. He is the one who epitomized Sai Baba's teachings, showed us the path to Baba and helped us experience his bounteous love. Sri Babuji's 2nd Aradhana celebrations will be held from Saturday 17 Nov to Saturday 24 Nov, 2012 (the main day being Tuesday 20th) at Sri Babuji Sannidhanam, Shirdi. 

In a humble effort to fulfil Sri Babuji's cherished wish for us to remain in "Think of Sai, talk of Sai" activities, we will be participating in a week-long Sai Baba nama sankeerthana, chanting Baba's name. Along with this activity that Sri Babuji liked very much, we will listen to devotees' experiences, and enjoy video clips and excerpts from Sri Babuji's satsang and darshan

Let us bask in the grace and abundant blessings of Sri Sai Baba by participating in the 2nd Aradhana celebrations of our beloved Guruji, who has made our lives blissful as we walk along the path of Sai.